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How to help your child select a proper creer path

 April 01, 2021

Helping your child find the perfect career is a significant responsibility for parents.

We come from a society of belief that children cannot make the best decisions related to their profession. With substantial changes in the mindset, career counselling for parents and adaptation of new parenting techniques, the parents have now understood that children's contribution in selecting their career is significant. What is even more important is the parents being supportive about the decision their children make.

The following measures can be taken to clear out the clouds of confusion and help out the children in figuring out what is best for them:

Determining your goal:

The process of selecting a career becomes simplified when the goal is set. If the goal is set about which stream to pursue, then the job of finding a suitable institute and a perfect course in that particular stream are the only two complex variables to be dealt with in the process of moving forward.


The practice of self-evaluation comes in handy while selecting the course. The parents should allow and encourage their children to explore and evaluate the fields of their interest. This can also be assessed based on classroom performance, marks, and teachers' reviews about how passionate the child is towards a given subject. Taking all these points into consideration and evaluating them cumulatively, selecting subjects and stream should be made.

Advice and guidance :

Look out for people with experience who can guide your child in selecting their career. They can be seniors from their field, a teacher whom the child admires or a family member who can impart wisdom and guidance.
This step is crucial because you get inp[uts and insights from a person's perspective outside of the people making the final call(you and the child). All these people can give you insights into a particular field's pros and cons and gauge the area or institute you are looking forward to selecting.

Career counselling:

There is a lot of confusion for both the parents and children about career options in many cases. In such scenarios, the best option is to go to the experts. Career counselling professionals are trained to evaluate potential career options and give you the best guidance based on your input. It is a safe bet to go to a career counsellor to make sure you know all the viable options available.

Help them with all the above practices, and at the same time, it is essential to be supportive if your views and the child's selection of field are not the same after practising the above.

I can coach you to make the unpleasant experience to lose their power over you and help you being effective to move ahead.