Coaching is an iterative, targeted, interactive process designed to facilitate concrete changes in performance—and bottom-line results. We help clients achieve their goals through powerful conversations that are intended to inspire new thinking, perceptions and behavior that actualize your potential, improve your performance, create focus and directional clarity, support the achievement of your personal and professional goals, and enhance the quality of your life.

relationship coaching

Marriage counselling is a past-focused discipline. The marriage counselor identifies the reasons for the client’s feelings and behaviours. Often, clients come away from marriage counselling with a label for themselves, which they then use to justify their actions and their inability to change.In relationship coaching, we don’t dwell on the reasons, because we want to avoid this negative outcome. Instead, we focus on the future, because no matter what happened in the past, you can make it better and learn to love, respect, appreciate each other and be happy.

Couple on beach, happy after relationship coachingThis is quite a common situation. Unfortunately, some people aren’t keen on exposing their emotions. Some are taught to suppress their feelings, which make them reject the idea of talking about their relationships with a coach. If your partner is like that, he or she is normal!Having said that, we can’t coach people who don’t want to be coached. In our program, client commitment is essential to change and success. The aim is for you and your partner to take control over your life and that starts by showing up and taking action.If your partner is not interested in relationship coaching, we recommend you get some coaching first. Your partner will soon notice the positive changes in you and want to get the same. Also, you will learn some techniques, which you can present in the safety of your home and get your partner comfortable with the process before he or she joins.It is sometimes essential for a husband and a wife to quarrel – they get to know each other be.


Coaches focus on the future. Therapists focus on the past.Coaches center their work around the belief that clients are healthy. Therapists utilize a framework that is based on pathology and illness.Coaches work with the conscious mind. Therapists work with the unconscious mind.Coaches’ work is often time-limited with specific desired behavioral outcomes. Therapists’ work is open-ended with “understanding” as the primary objective.Coaches work in person, as well as over the phone. Therapists usually work in person only.

Both are concerned with making concrete changes in your emotional state and life.Both work to understand the self-limiting beliefs or behavior caused by thoughts and emotions that you may or may not be aware of.Both practices help you grow, change and master your emotions.

I can coach you to make the unpleasant experience to lose their power over you and help you being effective to move ahead.