Niyati Shah

Calmness in chaos !
I couldn't think of a better title as this phrase has become my trigger to the calmness. Just imagine that your mind is flooded with so many questions,unnecessary thoughts,self doubts and in all this chaos a person can literally calm you down to the level where no thoughts or nobody else can bother you and you can be one with your highest self. I had never imagined myself experiencing the state when my mind is just calm and there are no thoughts at all,but she made that happen and for that I will always be grateful.

Yatri Patel

My experience of the session taken by Rasesha Rabari- The session started with questions and ended with a journey within! It was so calming and peaceful. A session that anybody out there would love to attend. She made me realise what makes me feel good, keeps going, what matters to me deep down (the fake layers that I had), what actually matters to me and what others respect me for, and many other things. All in all, it is a session to dive within yourself, to meet your true self, and to embrace yourself! I would definitely recommend all those reading this to atleast try this session for once.

Monish Pandya

It was a magical moment for me, when I came across that "we have all answers within us". I experienced such calmness within my session with Rasesha Rabari, all my doubts.. anxiety.. and frustrations where self-created. Rasesha not only brought me face to face with my abilities but also made me aware and open to opportunities.Now, I feel unstoppable and no matter what comes next, I know I am capable of dealing with it. Thank you Rasesha Rabari for bringing back light to me, I have never felt this confident before.

Amrutraj chavda

Zonal Head IndusInd Bank Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh.

The entire session was focused on the discovery of potential through self-exploration and action. We got a clear picture of our reality and what we want in Life..!! Guiding us through the process of discovering our passion, purpose and direction, Rasesha gave us the tools we need to move forward and the support and accountability to get things done. So gracefully rasesha brought a wave of self-realisation, which helped us Overcome the limiting beliefs we carried all our lives. She pulled us out of our rigid mindset by stretching the limits of our comfort zone, leaving us behind with Super Boosted Confidence. We appreciate your time, energy and patience, because of that we learned a lot and had so much fun. You have helped us grow as a team and as individuals. With the most gratitude and respect.Thank you for making a difference.

I can coach you to make the unpleasant experience to lose their power over you and help you being effective to move ahead.